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Default LH2.2 tuning

HI, my dad recently (this morning!) purchased a 1989 volvo 740 turbo to go with our 1983 240 : ) Its got the intercooler and from what I'm told it is a really nice grandpa driven car, most of the 100k miles are from being towed. So doing some reaserch I know it has the 2.3 turbo engine, and the ECU is the LH2.2. I'm not new to tuning EFI, or turbocharged vehicles, I've got a turbocharged plymouth voyager with all sorts of goodies including a custom calibration I made for it. The nice thing about the mopar cars is (for me anyways) 1, speed density, and 2, its got this nifty program called D-Cal which is a GUI manipulation of the binary calibration tables. Without d-cal I'd be totally screwed. Is there anything like that for the LH2.2? I know its MAF, but I'm assuming its the same concept x amount of pulsewidth for y amount of signal from the MAF and RPM. How else does one tune it? I'm not looking to make it a race car, just safely push a lb or two more boost and lean it out some while not in boost for mileage. Oh, I've got an eprom writer too if that helps. I searched, but could not find anything regarding this, so if theres a page detailing how to do any of that I'm not afraid of reading. Thanks for the help
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