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Default Pressure plate fitment issue

Clutch rookie in the process of installing the upgraded pressure plate & 850GLT clutch onto the B204FT flywheel needs help.

All the parts I have are the ones recommended >here< (clutch 861862 314 032 and pressure plate 883082 999763, original lh2.4 flywheel).

Everything basically fits together, but I have a problem that when I put the clutch & pressure plate on the flywheel, the clutch gets tight between the pressure plate and the flywheel when the gap between the PP and flywheel is still around 5mm.

Is this expected? Do I need to tighten it down? To me it looks suspicious, because the original flywheel just popped out when I was removing it...but no extra preload was present...

Volvo 740 Turbo B204GT 1991 >project thread<
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