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Default Nitrous motor

Just bout a house with some space an a garage now I can finally start working on my projects. I just want to start off by saying I am building a B230ft 16v right now and I already have most of the parts for it but that is a different story. I have been tinkering with Volvos for about 12 years now so I know some stuff but not everything. Another thing, people might ask why the answer is simple I have a nice amount of money in the budget for toys and a good bit of free time these days.

So anyway I was thinking of building a nitrous redblock. Im not trying to spend a whole lot on this. I was thinking something like h-beams in a 90+ motor with a penta marine head and I would start off with say 100shot. Has anyone ever done anything like this? Have any suggestions or input? All is appreciated. I am curious as to how much it could take. I feel like a well put together b23 with strong rods could take a good bit of gas.

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