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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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Originally Posted by Jack View Post
this is nice.
what male connector fits?
867-972-525-B. 893-906-231 + regular crimp on 6.3mm spade terminals

Thread revival

Looking through this - I didn't find any clear pics of using the late wider rad (and IC) in a 740

I have a later rad - not sure which model it's form -it has angled I/O ports which I am unfamiliar with (fan shroud I took from 960, not the rad). I have a same size unit with straight I/O but the bottom of one side where it sits down in the cross rail has been tweaked. Anything can be made to fit - the question would be whether it's worth the effort

any pointers here?

My XR July2013 - 446AWHP @ 8K rpm C30 AWD conversion Feedback Thread

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