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Originally Posted by boostdemon View Post
Its not possible in vbulletin3 or vbulletin4 to resize hotlinked images from what I found googling. The solution is to upgrade the board to vb4 and allow uploaded images to everyone so people dont have to use hotlinks

U can save the link then reopen it in paint and reduce it to 640 width. If you then upload the reduced jpeg or PNG u just created to your share service and copy that link the URL will be of a uniform size. Its a pain but I do it so the pages look better. Put it in the rules and remove photos over the limit you set and it forces people to adhere to a format the ensures a better looking board. No body will like the rule but since the board is on bare minimum we have to work together to make it look good. How much additionally does the latest version of V bulletin run. Can we raise the cash as a group? That could be the answer to multiple complaints about implementing such a rule. Pay for the new board if were complaining right? Seems fair....

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