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I don't have any issue donating cash but will my sole donation get the new version? If other members are coming along lets do it. Otherwise what would an additional sole donation do it if what been donated already hasn't fixed the issue? Im just 1. As that 1 who started this thread as you pointed out, I also PERSONALLY and laboriously format my own photos to be in compliance for the viewing pleasure of everybody, so I'm already making donations to a better looking board through real personal effort. Who else does and will? Id say hell yes I care coz I don't have to do that. And can I say that those who don't care less and also dont have their names highlighted in blue. Maybe that's why I care about it. Say what you may but trust me you don't want my 4032x1908 HD photos on your board. Ive been here even longer than you. If the denoting of blue handles wasn't implemented till 2020 technically u really may not know who has donated previously. They may not be a smurf.


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