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Default Canadian 1984 244 DL B21A/B6304 project log.

I'm more of a lurker, but I like posting pictures, so I suppose I'll post them here.

I recently got this from a co-worker's wife (2nd owner, first was her aunt), and she was so happy that it might go to someone who would care for it, that she just signed it over to cost . 125km, kept indoors every day of it's life, Krown undercoated every year (more on this later), and absolutely immaculate. I have full service records from brand new as well. It's a canadian car, so it's got the B21A under the hood, and it runs great.

Now...the downside of yearly oil-coating. Totally rust free...but disgusting.

I can't stand working in a dirty bay, so I cleaned it. Krown oil coating must be a combination of crude oil and gorilla glue, because it was AWFUL to remove. This is as far as I could go without removing the engine, which I didn't feel like doing since it runs so nice. I'll do it eventually, but for now, this is much better. I also pulled the chassis harness and removed/repaired all the biodegradable parts, then re-loomed it.

This is the part that might be unpopular. My driver's seat is 100% wrecked, back and bottom, and being a pre-86, there's DEFINITELY no parts cars around my local area. Until I can find what I need, I'm using a WRX seat. It's not perfect, but after 30 minutes in the stock seat, I could barely walk (got a really bad back :( ). This will do for now.

I replaced the engine harness with one I got from, since Dave Barton's shop doesn't cater to any of the canadian B21A cars. I can't say enough good things about Elbert's work. It's a beautiful piece, and was cake to install. It came in THREE DAYS too, from the Netherlands. The stock engine harness crumbled into dust as I removed it, so I'm glad I splurged.


Well, I like playing with stuff under the hood, so I'll eventually swap to EFI (have a MS3 Pro here, from my old project VW). I intend to keep it auto, and have no interest in tracking down parts that are hard to find up here, so I decided to make a 4-window distributor w/hall sender out of a B230 dizzy I got at the scrappers. It's the only one I've seen in at least a year, so I grabbed it just in case. I took apart a watercooled VW hall-sender dizzy and swapped the hall sender into the B230 body, since the body is identical. The upper portion of the distributor shaft is exactly the same diameter as the VW stuff, so the wheel slid right on. I was able to drill and tap the mounting holes for the hall sender, and cutting a notch in the body was easy. This also allows me to swap to a single-window wheel for any future ideas that involve a crank wheel and sequential injection.

I'm one of those 'work with what I've got' guys, which is why I did it this way instead of ebay or forum-hunting for what I need. I just happened to have a stockpile of VW dizzies (solid-state and points) that had what I need in them, so what the hell .

Immediate plans are to register it and drive it the rest of the summer, as-is. Come fall, I'll get started on the suspension.
1984 244/ LR4 4.8 / T5
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