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Originally Posted by robsvolvos View Post
Get used to that "misfire" with that Stromberg 175. They are absolute junk. Best and cheapest thing to do with these is fit an SU HIF-6 from a '78-81 240. MUCH better throttle response and has proper mixture adjustment. It is a straight swap, and you'll never regret it. I've done it in every B21A car I've had. Check with Europarts in Aylmer. They may still have some kicking around. BTW, your car is pre-wired for the auxiliary gauge pack above the center vents should you decide you want to add them.

I suspected as much with that over-complex carb, doh :(. Thanks for the tip. I'm definitely going to start hunting for a suitable replacement, rather than rebuild mine (it's pretty crusty, and looks to be in need of a rebuild). I have had lots of fun in the past with dual carbed cars, but I don't think this car would benefit from that treatment.

I have a solid-state points replacement coming soon, and if that fails, I'm going to throw on a megajolt setup I have here.

I am definitely thinking about hunting for gauges, but I have such a nice cubby pocket there...I'm hesitant to get rid of it, haha. I REALLY want to find a tach though, to replace my performance clockometer.
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