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Originally Posted by Broke4speed View Post
Yep, the building in the background is a Beer Store, and the LCBO is just on the other side of the parking lot. I had gone into the grocery store to get some supper, and snapped a pic on my way back to the car. We love to keep our alcohol handy, out here in the sticks, haha .

Thanks man . I'm totally in love with this yellow thing, lol.
I went for the LCBO and a nice bottle of wine since you guys are getting screwed big time with the price of beer over there!!

Here we are getting screwed on wine prices but beer is rather cheap!

Russell looks like a nice little town from what I've seen. I often have to drive to Moose Creek for work since we have a shop there on Allaire road. It's a tire recycling factory where the make rubber mats from recycled rubber tires...

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