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Awesome build OP! My first car was an M46 B21A rusted pile in the late 90's with massive holes in the floors. What your doing to this Volvo, I only dreamt of on mine!

Originally Posted by John242Ti View Post
Yeah, the stwomboig carbs do that even on the 1969-70 B20B engines and on the 1969-72 B30A engines. They also like to idle high. Most ohv guys either went SU HS6 or HIF6 on their B20's, if they were smart. If not, they'd wind up putting Weber DGV kits on instead. Not really sure why Volvo went back to the 1969-70 carb setup in 1982.

The SU's weren't that much better overall. On cold prairie mornings mine would buck and hiccup like crazy until the engine warmed up sufficiently. Boy I don't miss that!

Also, the reason why Volvo went to carb's on the DL model in Canada as of the late 70's, was to keep the purchase (and building) costs low on the car to make it more "affordable". Yet they recommended running it on premium fuel in the owners manual that's some Volvo logic for ya!
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