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I bought the car from an estate auction right here in town. The guy had clearly taken pretty good care of the car. The old tires that were on it still had the little nubs on them, but they were 19 freaking years old according to the build date. The Oil looked as clean as a new bottle. it has a new oil filter and the battery is good. Everything about the car screams "old man's pride and joy".

After the new tires I started driving it to work. Took it to a few local hang outs:

Just basically figuring out what it needs.

What it needed badly was a front end rebuild. So I did that. SuperPro Poly bushings, new tie rod inners and outers, boots, and ball joints. Not going to touch the springs/shocks yet. Waiting for coilovers. For now I'm rocking OE ride height. The shocks on the car are still good so I'm in no rush.
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water-cooled VW owners can't even tell you the flavor of Cheetos they ate last night.

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