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Then the rear muffler rusted out at the input side. I just removed the can and left the pipe under the car. Drove it this way for a while. Really wasn't too bad. After a couple months of that the joint at the output of the resonator failed and the pipe was dragging the ground. Stopped, ripped the pipe out and have been hating life for a few weeks now. It's way too obnoxious inside the car.

So now we break out the hot metal glue gun.

I've been collecting parts for a little bit and have started on a new 2.5" exhaust from the downpipe back. I cut the flange off the OE cat and hogged it out to match the ID of my exhaust pipe, which is a 2.5" 304 stainless builders kit.

There will be a Magnaflow high flow cat, into a flex joint, into a short 10 or 12" cherry bomb. This is the resonator. Then over the axle into a 24" cherry bomb where the original muffler was. Yep. 2 Cherry bombs. I don't think it will be too bad As long as I can route the piping like the factory. Plenty of bends, two mufflers and a cat, and the exit is past the bumper. Should be fine....

The short cherry bomb was welded on before, but never used. It's ugly, but idc. It's getting painted anyway. I hacked the original hanger off the OE resonator.

Practically stackin dimes!

My first crack at joining stainless to mild steel.
Blew a hole in her. I dropped the heat a little after this and all was good.


A grinder and paint make me the welder I ain't....

My second joint went much better. Getting the hang of it.

I have a Lincoln 120V Mig. I'm using flux core on it because I hardly ever weld, so keeping a bottle here seems like a wasted expense. I pretty much followed this guys instruction to the T and I gotta say, it's working pretty well. My welds are not at all pretty, but they are going down smooth and getting good penetration. I don't think I have any leaks yet.

I'm using Blue Demon 309LFC-O wire and Solar Flux paste on the backside of the joint. I'm using a very high heat and very slow speed to get these results. The welding is easy. The guy holding the gun is just not that good.

Tonight after dark I removed my crash triangles to make room. I have to work tomorrow evening but I hope I can get out and do a little more tomorrow morning. We'll see.
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