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Started out my morning not motivated to crawl under the car to do exhaust things.

So I took care of a little project I'd been putting off for a while. Mounting door speakers. I picked up some sweet little Audax 4" coaxials. Found them NOS on ebay. Audax is a french company that made high-end pro speakers and got a little into hi-fi and car audio stuff. Audax isn't around anymore, bought up by one of the bigger companies but they had some great products back in the 90's and 00's.

Problem is they were slightly too large to fit in the metal bracket left over after you cut the magnet off the stock speaker.

So I got out the die grinder with the angry end on it.

Now the basket fits but the speaker still won't sit down flush because the surround is just a touch too wide to fit inside the little metal return. So I took a little off the plastic basket with my bench sander. Just a touch on two sides.

Then it fit snug.

Now I have a proper 2 way front stage. This will be super cool when I really dig into the stereo. For now I just wanted the door speakers in place to listen to podcasts.

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