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Was just talking about cutting out the small bushings by burning them and then cutting through the shell. These are for the rear trailing arms, but I did the fronts the same way. These are the 2nd biggest PITA on the whole car. 1st would be the heater core.

The bottom one actually came out fairly easy. I have a big acme screw I liberated from a scissor jack that I use for pulling and pushing duties with various bits of pipe and sockets, etc. Out of the 4 "hard" bushings on the car this is the only one that came out with the screw puller method. The other three ended up like the top example.

You stick a propane torch on the middle steel bit to heat the rubber up. Grab the middle part and pull it out with some pliers. Then stick that torch back in there and catch the rubber on fire. I then hang it somewhere so that the middle can burn out of it. It takes some time, but just let it do it's thing and then you'll be left with the outer shell with some gross crusty rubber. Clean it up with a wire wheel or brush, then get out a sawzall, or a hacksaw. Cut a few slots in the outer shell almost all the way through. Then use a variety of punches and chisels to peel the shell out of the control arm. This is the top on in this pic. 3 out of 4 on my car looked like this when I was done. Eventually once you break the seal enough with the chisels you can usually drop a large impact socket in there and start wailing on it with a BFH and she'll come out.
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