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Whos using photo bucket? Who are the people you cant believe??? U not throwing shade are you? If everybody is fine why the extension. Use imgur right? So why is the board jacked up this way? I guess you see something different on this board but for me it seems obvious that people are already using Imgur and they are not taking the time to do that so that's why global regulation works better. That way its no issue what they use and who attaches it. If the moderator has already posted that that implementation will come at a new version I'm done talking about it because I already do my part making sure not to contribute to making the board zany looking. No value for me in talking any longer about just to throw subliminal shade on the thread creation with a simple board suggestion. I look forward to a new version and ill donate but don't want to be a smurf because that may make me believe I own the place....


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