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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I've taken a million measurements and spoken directly with the manufacturer. These wheels are designed for a variety of reproduction car applications so they purposefully designed the mounting pads on the thick side to be machined up to 1/2 inch depending on application.

In my opinion anything wider then 7 inches, especially at the front of the car, is excessive without complete steering and suspension geometry redesign. At 7.5 inches I'm really pushing the balance of looks over performance which is not my motivation. Go drive your favorite road, take off your 9.5 wheels and bolt on a set of even 6 inch wheels and you'll probably ask yourself if you really want to bolt the old set back on. The idea here is to stay as far inside the fenders as possible to retain proper handling characteristics, you really start changing vehicle dynamics by changing a number of alignment planes and adding leverage to both springs and wheel bearings the further past center (0 offset) you go.

The new brake disc and brake drum toolings from VP are much stronger and in my opinion can also take up to 5-8mm off the hats by milling due to their one piece design over the old two piece pressed hubs which was another way to attack the issue as well.
I dont disagree at all. My setup is way too wide for anything but looks, when I intend to drive it hard, I've got a set of 15x7.5 et25 with a nice 225x55 R compound tire, but its still heavy on the autocross course, and a little too many turns lock>lock. Winter is coming soon, so the car will be back in the garage for some new things. Most likely to include some weight and structure changes up front. Plus, I just found myself a nice prius carcass to dismember and sweet quick ratio rack.
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Build it, break it, build what broke stronger, lather, rinse, repeat.

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