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Originally Posted by Brick15 View Post
Have you checked for faulty FPR?
is this the pull the vacuum line, and see if it smells like fuel test, or is there another way to test?

Originally Posted by Janspeed View Post
if an electric fuel pump dies it's instant, no warning. It really is all or nothing.
sometimes the fuel rail has a schrader valve (like tires have). If you take a screwdriver or a key and push it in there should be fuel spraying out under pressure.
If it's only dribbling the pump is not pumping. That leaves 3 options.
Either the pump is dead or
the fuel pump relay is broken or
there is a broken wire in the circuit.
If it IS the relay you could try jumping it with a piece of wire between 87 terminal and 30 terminal.

If that doesn't work it's a broken fuel pump or a broken wire connection.
I will check to see if this rail has a valve or not
Can I test the pump with a 12v jump box?

Originally Posted by Mr. V View Post
Could the fuel filter get so plugged up that this would occur?
I was thinking about this, the car didn't get driven during the pandemic, but I did add some fresh gas every time I did take it out.

Originally Posted by oldschoolvolvo View Post
Ignition power stage?
I had a similar situation and it went away after I took the heat sink off the power stage and re-applied some thermal paste.

Does the car start after it has cooled off?
It took like 2 hours to get it towed home, and didn't start that day or the next - I had to work today, but I am hoping to get on it tomorrow

Originally Posted by white855T View Post
Its lh 2.2. No power stage.
I was wondering if the car had a power stage ...

Originally Posted by white855T View Post
You have 2 pumps, so it could be one or the other. If you had someone to help you, you can easily check if fuel pumps are operating.
Is that just an audio test to see if each is working, or can I check voltage?

Originally Posted by apachechef View Post
Damn, you wrote your question like a pro.
Thanks, I figured i know most of the common things, but I have kind of been ignoring the car so I didn't want to leave anything out.

I also remembered that when I was trying to get it started last week, with the dist cap off, I could see the rotor moving when I cranked the car over, so I think the hall sensor is still working?

Also, for the record, I have replaced the ECU at some point ( had one of the "bad" ones, that was recommended replacement at some point, and we were eliminating possibilities)

oh, and the car is NA if that changes anything ...
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Originally Posted by Mr.Borrie View Post
Is this real life?
Originally Posted by Redwood Chair View Post
This is TB.

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