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You can do almost all the diag you need to with a TEST LAMP. I would get a TEST LAMP and do some diag at the EFI/Fuel Pump relay. You can confirm POWER to the relay via the engine bay fuse, EFI power, and fuel pump power (while cranking). I recommend the $15 Lisle Heavy Duty test lamp.

1. Sprak: With same test lamp, connect between coil negative and ground. Crank. Blink=ignition pulse

2. Injector Pulse: Test lamp between a POWER source and an injector NEGATIVE/Control side of the injector. Crank. BLINK? = injector pulse.

CLick my NO START link in my sig. DOes it STAY RUNNING on pulses of brake cleaner?

Here is a 2.4 diagram, but the fuel pump relay is the same. Wiring colors may vary. Get out your test lamp and do some diag at item 217.
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