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I get all my Weber stuff from in the Czech Republic. They have amazing service and really stand by everything they sell. They even test the FAJS stuff before shipping it out to make sure it's all good. Not to mention they use DHL so it gets from there to my place in Canada in 2-3 days . I am VERY impressed with the FAJS carbs and I can see why they're popular with the euro folks. They were ~$300 CAD cheaper than genuine Weber 152G 5-hole carbs (which seem to be backordered everywhere), so I am calling it a win.

Now...the ignition system. I went with an offering out of the UK from Motorsport-electronics called NoDizPro because I've seen a lot of good things from some UK youtubers I watch. Honestly, it is a great system...but it's VERY Ford focused (the Zetec/Duratec, etc). I can't use the standard Ford sensor with the internal Ford trigger wheel, which the system is built around and that's the problem. The KL Racing trigger wheel is a very small diameter and it's causing a LOT of problems. I had to add a 20k shunt resistor (it has a very small one installed, barely even a full K ohm) and it solved the 'exploding muffler' issue, but the setup just isn't optimal I guess. I have no idea if the KL Racing trigger wheel kit is vibrating or what, but you can feel when it loses sync (pop, sometimes BANG). I really prefer hall senders for lovely digital signal they put out but the NoDiz doesn't support hall :(. I have an MS2 here that I could try out, and re-purpose the Zetec plug and play loom I got with the NoDiz to work with the MS2...and I have a Cherry hall sender ready to go...but I really need a break, lol.

Also, and this is trivial, but I really don't like not having access to the TunerStudio trigger logging, lol. The NoDiz has zero logging capability and that's...irritating.
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