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Also thanks for that wayback link, that was pretty helpful even without the pics!

Well, after much destroying of resistors, here is my progress and one question:

First, I tried setting up only the super simple tach circuit as described in 6.9.13 "Mitsubishi CAS with aftermarket disc" and did the mods in 5.2.3 "Hall Sensor Input". That includes a pull-up resistor on the board. That didn't work - I mean, I got action on the logger but it was all over the place even with different rising/falling options. I figure that I need to set up the Cam circuit too for this, even though I am going wasted spark. So much for the lazier option..

So now I am ready to do the mods in "Adding a cam sensor input - hall sensor / optical sensor". After a bunch of reading, I am good with everything except I need one piece of advice: "a) JP1/pin3 should be connected with a jumper wire to a spare pin on the main DB37 connector (e.g. SPR3)". In my case SPR3 and SPR4 is used as spark A and B. I think that leaves me with two options - any advice on which is easier?

1 - Use pin 25 (IAC1A) since I will be doing PWM idle control later. Does anyone know if I have to disconnect anything else to use this pin?
2 - Use pin 36 (high current ignition) since I am doing wasted spark on pins 5/6. Does anyone know if I have to disconnect anything else to use this pin?

Thanks guys! I'll write all this up when done for the next person doing MS2/3.57.
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