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For my 3.0 version board, I bring the cam signal in to the processor via a jumper from OptOut to JS10. I recall that is the 'typical' arrangement. JS10 is connected to pin 17 on the 40 pin socket that the MS2 daughtercard plugs into. I bring the tach signal in to the processor via a jumper from VrOut to Tsel. Tsel is labeled IRQ-1 (or just IRQ on the daughterboard schematics) and connects to pin 14 on the 40 pin socket. Since you have the 3.57 board, I am not sure that the board is exactly the same, however, by looking at the schematics you should be able to confirm where your cam and tach signals are ending up on the 40 pin socket. I suspect that they will be pins 17 and 14 because I think the daughtercards are identical for the two boards.

Once you have confirmed the socket pin numbers on the 40 pin socket, remove the daughtercard from the 40 pin socket and power up the controller and the CAS with the CAS connected. It doesn't matter whether the CAS is in the engine or you are turning it by hand (I think by hand would be more convenient). Use your voltmeter to measure the voltage between pin 17 on the 40 pin socket and the MS board ground and then pin 14 on the 40 pin socket and the MS board ground while you rotate the CAS. You should see the voltage transition once per rotation of the sensor for the cam signal and 24 times per rotation for the tach signal. If you get those 0-5 volt (or 5 - 0 volt ) transitions at those pins and you have not somehow mixed the inputs then you know that the cam and tach input circuits are functioning and the signals are making it to the MS2 daughterboard.

I have never used the tooth logger during cranking so cannot advise whether the tooth logger will function reliably with a very low frequency or variable frequency signal (turning the crankshaft by hand).

You said that when you spun the CAS by hand you could hear the injector clicking. I suspect that those are cranking pulses on the injector that you are hearing and that suggest to me that both the cam and tach signals are functioning. It has been a long time since I looked at the firmware; but, my fuzzy memory is that with the Extra code nothing happens until MS2 gets the cam sync pulse and starts calculating RPM from tooth #1 on the tach wheel.

If you confirm that the tach and cam signals are working (or suspect they are working) you can move on to a cranking test on the engine using the starter motor. This time don't use the tooth logger. Look at the Tuner Studio dash display and pay attention to the RPM display and the Not Cranking and Not RPM synced flags. Those will give you an indication of what is happening.
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