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Originally Posted by matt b View Post
Looks good! Glad you did the vent windows, keep that water out of your door and the cabin!

Seeing your car really makes me want to have another Amazon.

What's your altitude ? 45's seems like a lot of carbs for a B18 or B20.
Altitude is nearly sea level, though I do see 1200 feet on my daily commute over the coastal mountain range.

Engine is currently a 2130cc big bore with 9 to 1 compression and KG10 camshaft. The 45s are currently choked down to a 34mm venturi and jetting as lean as I can safely set it, it runs great but you can tell it wants more BOOM. Plans this year are as alluded to, a camshaft change, bump in the compression to 10 to 1 and also a lightened flywheel.

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