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Exclamation help with blower motor

hi I'm new to the forum but i need some help identifying some electrical stuff underneath the dashboard. the car in question is a 1991 Volvo 244 I'm not exactly sure which trim. I am in the middle of replacing the heater blower motor and after installed it i went to test it while it was attached to the fan switch before putting everything back together. unfortunately it didnt work so I checked my brake lights, headlights and turn signals but none of it was working not and when I went to try turning the car on nothing worked. the battery is connected with charge, all the grounds are attached. the only reason I can think of is something vital isn't plugged in. I found three connectors that I cant identify and don't remember unplugging, two of them are from the drivers side and one is from the passenger side. I cannot find the other side of these connecters and need help identifying or troubleshooting. i dont know how to link things on this forum but if you copy and paste this link it will open to a google document with pictures of the three connectors (don't know proper term). thank you in advance

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first looks like a connector for accessory gauges, other two are radio
check your fuses
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Dammit, Lummert.
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Well keep us updated on how your dumbass plan goes.
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