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Question B230 16V Swap Parts

So the time has come to begin gathering the last bits of my 16v swap stuff. I've got my T5 swap stuff squared away for the most part besides the driveshaft, slipyolk, shifter, and clutch line. So my next step is to get the parts ready so I can pull the drivetrain and send the engine off to the shop.

I'd like to make it fast and reliable, and obviously the cheap card doesn't fly with these so it has to be thrown out at this point. I've already got my 16v head, yoshi exhaust adapter with 8v tubular manifold and he351, t5 blue injectors with a 4 bar fpr (don't know if this is enough fuel), microsquirt v3 and the associated gm sensors. I'm planning on getting yoshi's valve spring upgrade and stainless stock sized valves, cbr954rr coils and a bosch 0227100211 for the 4 channel ignition module. I also plan on keeping the stock VR sensor since I got yoshifabs 235mm flywheel package (with lh2.4 holes).

First is first, I need to find a set of H beam rods and pistons. I know yoshifab has a set of both on their site, but they seem expensive compared to other vendors. What's the best brand to get the best bang for my buck? Same issue with the pistons; what's the best brand to go with?

Next on the chopping block is the 16v belt setup, and I know yoshifab's kit seems good for the money but I'm worried about the crankshaft gear. What needs to be done for this? Is it as easy as having the shop mill out the existing crank slot? Or is it more involved? Also, are adjustable cam gears essential to this? I may order them either way as I need to have another 16v cam gear for the intermediate shaft. I plan on that route unless there's a better solution.

Last but not least, the intake manifold. I know there have been a few for sale here and there on the forums, but how are KL racing's manifolds? I'd like to use my 960 throttle body if possible, but I don't think it'll fit the Kl racing ones. Theyre the only company I found that makes intakes, unless I didn't search hard enough or the site's in swedish. However I've read a few stories on how they need additional modification / finishing before bolting it together as the quality is subpar. I've also seen some modified NA B234f manifolds repurposed for the swap, but is it worth it buying a NA manifold and having it modified?

Also, is the brake booster going to be an issue? I know the 16v ones are slimmer but I forgot to grab it before I scrapped it. I don't know if this poses an issue in a 7/9 chassis.
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Wow, you've got a lot going on all at once.

For the B230 + 16V timing belt setup, the simplest way to do it (IMO) is to mimic the Penta 16v belt routing.
Crank gear: https://shop.klracing.se/sv/artiklar...-rundkugg.html
Tensioner (INA 068109243F): https://www.eeuroparts.com/Parts/617...er-5310079100/
146t timing belt (Gates 5129): https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gates-Power...Cclp%3A2334524
Gear for intermediate shaft (if you can't find a spare 16v cam gear): https://shop.klracing.se/sv/artiklar...t-kamdrev.html

V-belt pulley to compensate for the wider crank gear: https://shop.klracing.se/sv/artiklar...v-2-spar-.html

Also, if you use the Chrome web browser, you can automatically translate sites such as KL Racing to make browsing easier.

AFAIK you can just use a B234 intake manifold without any hassle in a 7/9 chassis (240s have issues with brake booster clearance).
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VW tensioner, opel diesel belt, and KL Racing crank sprocket is the cheapest solution.
I tapped my head to M10 and used a M10 stud for the tensioner.

Regarding intake manifolds, I have not yet seen any proof as to how bad the OE 16V intake is.
I have the 960 TB on a OE manifold.
Are you converting a 2 series or a 7/9?

Rods are cheap on Ali, hell they all come from the same factories anyway probably.
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IPD sells solid cam dowel pins.
No Start Thread
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Jussi Alanko
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Oe 16-v intake manifold is a big restriction in a 16-valve engine.
I have not flowed those at flowbench, but my friend who knows a lot of these things say that it is bad manifold when come to power production. He owns a flowbench, engine dyno, cnc machine etc. etc. He ported my head and designed camshaft which works well with my head.

These kind of manifolds is available and i think it is cheap, 450€
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