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Default Ls/Truck motor swap wiring preference

Currently doing a LM7 swap on my 1986 240 and I am doing the wiring and I was just wondering from those that have done it before what the preference/what has worked best for those that have done it.

I am just run the stock truck harness stripped down to the engine needs, using the stock ecm, and stock fuse block stripped down of the non- essentials.

The options I have seen is:

1. Run stock harness, stock ecm, stock fuse block
2. Make a stand alone harness from the stock harness and run the stock ecm.
3. Run an aftermarket harness and stock ecu
4, Run stand alone set up with custom harness

Yes I realize there are more options then this but these seem to be the most common. Just wondering who has had experience good or bad, what worked and what hasn't if you could do it again what would you change
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#3 is a great option. Some/not all of the early harnesses are known for having weird resistances in the wires over time. For pain free install and diagnostic in the future, an aftermarket swap harness is great.
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It's not done yet, but I'm doing #4. I'd have done the harness myself but I was feeling lazy. And the premade harnesses are so damn neat and tidy.
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