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Kjets On a Plane
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Ok, so I have a real life scenerio with this one, but lets may it hypothetical instead. There is an early 70s P1800E with an almost perfect body in this scenerio...there is also a B230FT that si perfectly good that is lying around around it. THe B230FT is slated to go into the 1800. Power production is not to be planned high, 200HP say, a bit over stock basically. How would you mount it?, the car has an M41 or M410. What mounts would you use to put it in? I kinda like the idea of standing it up as there is slightly more room for the turbo. The dizzy will get moved to teh block to hopefully minimise or eliminate the need for firewall surgery. The ECU is LH2.2, how did you 740 huys with LH2.2 and the block mounted dizzy work it out? If one could use a B20 sump and some mount setup (I have no idea if something resembling an 1800 mount could fit on a 740TI B230FT). So assuming the head fits under the hood (it seems to), maybe one would have to get a head with the short neck oil filler cap, but can you use the short filler neck on a 530 head with a head mounted dizzy in mind, or do you really need the whole head with the short filler neck? The short filler neck will also look more normal straight up and down. Assuming teh engine fits (I think length is good as all redblocks are about the same length) and the head fits under the hood (I think it will), then how would your procure the mounts and do you have to use a B20 oil pump if you use a B20 sump? Then there is the question of the intake manifold...there is very little room in an 1800 bay and it is pretty narrow...ideally I would wnat to use the plain old B230 manifold as it is a pretty good design, but I worry that it might not clear the hood or fit with the A-arm suspension in a small sports car. This leaves the compact B21FT manifold that would likely fit, but it looks like a total POS compared to a K-jet NA manifold or B230 manifold. This would all hook to the stock transmission. Now, what would you have to change if you wanted it to be an automatic in the future? Will the auto fit tilted on its side, is there some bellhousing that can tilt it the right way (B20 w/Bw-55 bell?), what about a driveshaft for an AW-71?
I think slanting is probably more cramped and harder as finding mounts and fitting the turbo in and the intake manifold below the hood could be difficult with the engine slanted?
Ok, help me out here...
How PSI a stock can support?
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There are some pictures on the Yahoo 1800list with a b21 and b23 swap completed. No one has mentioned a B230FT. I can tell you personally that it will be difficult to fit the B230 in upright or slanted.

Upright method
parts needed
B20 bellhousing
Any B20 Transmission
Custom motor mounts (Oberhardskad? sells them)
Custom intake manifold (stock won't clear brake booster or steering shaft)
Block mounted Dizzy
B21/B23x wiring harness and computer or Custom EMS
Custom Exhaust
Larger Radiator
Intercooler would be a good idea
Custom air cleaner setup
High mounted Alternator
B20 Oil pan and Oil pump. The transfer tube is apparently different. I haven't sourced it yet.

Everything basically fits except for the Intake Manifold (big problem)
Other than that would be my suggestion

Been done
M46 and Bellhousing
I have never seen the automatic from a late model Volvo. I don't know if it will fit
B21 intake mani fits (picture on 1800 list) I don't know where you will put the CIS system
Fitting a Turbocharger system will be tough. You will definitely need a custom manifold.
Block mounted dizzy.
Wiring harness and Computer same as above.
High mounted alternator
larger radiator

Emery Johnson/Johnston has a conversion on the web somewhere. He is seriously chopping the firewall to clear the head dizzy. Check out the 1800 list. There is a fair amount of talk about it right now.

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Kjets On a Plane
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What about motor mounts for the slanted version...
Straight up and down looks great for fitting it with a manual. The intake manifold will fit if it is on a slant though? Keeping teh B20 driveshaft and trans would be nice, but, meh, there is probably a way. Getting someone to shorten the shaft adn fit it to the auto is probably not going to be super hard. The accesories are all 740 style in this case, AC and oil cooler are gone. The 940 oil cooler and lines will be used. Thanks, the real scenerio is helping out a friend, I might give him my late automatic as he wants his P1800 auto, what are the gears? 4.56 or something really short for a puny 1.8-2.0L engine? He put in a larger rad a while ago. B21 intake manifold fits...B21FTor B21NA? I think it would be alot less hassle to use teh 1800 trans for something that is not expected to produce large amounts of power.
IT sounds like straight up adn down is tons better for a turbo, B20 parts and pumps, sumps are plentiful (what else would come out of a P1800E?). If I go straight up adn down it might be possible to fit the NA K-jet manifold and have EFI stuff added? I will check out your list, it is turbo all the way in this scenerio. What dizzy will fit LH2.2 witha turbo computer?
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I don't know about the dizzy because I am going complete EMS. Either way turbo is difficult but doable. The B23FT manifold and turbo fit but the T3 wastegate would need to be moved.

TurboES is working on this now and he has a friend that has had a turboed 1800 for 2 years. I believe they turboed the B20 though.

www.v1800reg.org has an article on putting an AW70 in a P1800.

I don't know which manifold is on the B21. Sorry.

Edit: Bob Foltz has posted a engine swap how-to on the www.v1800reg.org under tech info.

Good luck
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